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Yoga For Immunity System-This Winter

Having cold in winter is common. Weak body and, when immunity is low, you can get away from an active lifestyle and easily become a victim of diseases.
Feeling unhealthy or not well due to fever and cold in winters makes everyone uncomfortable and ill-tempered. Due to this, you will feel unwell and you can deteriorate your whole day. You will definitely think about this situation that makes you ill-tempered. I have a great solution for you in the form of yoga for immunity system.
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As we know that Yoga can cure or reduce many health problems to a great extent. The great benefits of Yoga are scientifically proved now. And every year research on Yoga goes on. Yoga practices provide our body strength and improve immunity. And good immunity can fight illness easily.

Therefore, I have described two yoga asanas that can help you to build your immunity and fight the very common diseases in winters. Let’s have a look at such amazing yoga asanas that will help you this winter.

What does the immune system do?

The immune system is a combination of some types of tissues, organs, and networks of cells. Good immunity keeps your body safe and protects you from viruses, germs, and microorganisms. A good immune system protects our body from diseases or infections.

This type of system needs an operating system that does proper functioning. Similarly, our body’s immune system works. First, it recognizes the viruses and fights them in a systematic manner.

There are many reasons that affect the functioning of your immune system very badly. For these reasons.

When these habits are included in your behavior, for a longer time period, it becomes not good.

Yoga to Boost the Immune System to increase immunity

Yoga and the immune system are closely related. For example, to do any work properly, it requires balance and stability. The same applies to the immune system of our body. Whenever there are imbalance and instability in the body, the immune system of our body starts getting affected.

Stress is the main reason for the weak immune system of the body. It gives relief in this kind of condition. There are many yoga asanas that help to strengthen the body and improve the immune system. If they are practiced regularly it can help improve health.

Yoga Asanas For Immune System

1- Vrikshasana Pose

Vrikshasana is believed to strengthen the feet. It provides relief in pain of legs, knees, and joints that grow with age. But do you know that Vrisakasana is very beneficial for children as well? This helps in their overall growth and builds better immunity.

To do Vrikshasana Follow the steps:

  • First, stand in careful posture. Then stand with both feet slightly away from each other and then raise the hands above the head and straighten the palms.
  • After that, bend the right leg from the knee and rest its sole on the left thigh. During this condition, the heel of the right foot will rest under the anus. Keeping the balance on the left leg, keep the palms, head, and shoulders straight in the same line.
  • Try to maintain balance while staying focused. Breathe at normal speed and focus your attention on anything in front of you.
  • The complete benefit of Vrikshasana can only be achieved if you can concentrate your mind here.
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Benefits of Vrikshasana Pose

2- Trikonasana / Triangle Pose

In the practice of this asana, a figure made of the torso, arms and legs look like a triangle. That is why it is called trikonasana. This posture is derived from the International Yoga Day Protocol of Common Yoga. This asana prevents your immune system from infections to keep your immunity better.

To do Trikonasana Follow the steps:

  • Stand in the middle of the posture and make the maximum distance between the legs - arms should remain with the body.
  • Raise both arms from the side to the level of the shoulder. Let the arms be parallel to the earth. The palms face towards the earth.
  • Lift the right leg paw and tilt it slightly to the right.
  • Tilt the torso slightly to the right side with the pelvis.
  • Breathing out, start leaning from the right side. Finally, place the right palm on the earth with the right foot.
  • The left arm is straight and upwards in such a way that both arms come in a straight line.
  • With the left palm facing towards the front, turn the head towards the left and look at the middle finger of the left hand.
  • Wait according to strength.
  • Breathing in, return to the former state.
  • Change your side and repeat it again.
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Benefits of Trikonasana Pose

Points need to be remembered while doing Asana

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