Yoga For Diabetes - 4 Poses that Actually Help

Yoga For Diabetes Patients

Are you suffering from diabetes? If you are one of the key sufferers, we have a great option for you to get rid of this problem - Yoga for diabetes.

Yoga is a form of excersies that belongs to the ancient Indian culture and provides garunteed health benefits.

Yoga, which is an Indian traditional form of excersie that helps its practioners to stay fit and healthy and therefore yoga for diabetes can help you if you are suffering from the problem.

What are the Symptoms of Diabetes?

  • Feeling more tired than usual.
  • Increased thirst, feeling more squeamish.
  • Problem with eyesight.
  • A gradual loss of weight.
  • Excessive appetite.
  • Skin diseases.
  • Wounds that don't heal quickly.

If you observe these symptoms in you or someone close, then you should immediately get a checkup done by a doctor. If there is a possibility, treatment should be done immediately.

If kept unchecked, these symptoms can take a serious form. Due to diabetes, a gland in the body called the pancreas stops making insulin and the body is not able to control its blood sugar level.

In this article, we will tell you about yoga for diabetes and 4 yoga asanas that can help you manage this problem.

4 Yoga Asanas for Diabetes

Here are some of the effective yoga asanas for diabetes that can help you control the symptoms:

  • Vakrasana
  • Shirshasana
  • Mayurasana
  • Seated Forward Bend

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1. Vakrasana (Twisted Pose)

If you also have trouble related to blood sugar levels, then you should practice Vakrasana. "Vakra" in Vakrasana means "tilt" and asana means "Posture", while practicing this asana the spine is crooked and twisted. That is why its name is Vakrasana. This asana helps a lot with diabeties.

How to practice Vakrasana for Diabetes?

  • First of all, spread a yoga mat and sit on it.
  • Spread both of your legs.
  • Then bend your left leg from the knee and place it next to the knee of your right leg.
  • Make sure that your spine is straight.
  • Now while exhaling, bend your waist to the left.
  • Now bend your right arm towards your left leg in such a way that the outer part of the right arm can easily touch the outside of the left leg and then keep your right hand close to the left leg.
  • Now move your left arm backward and place your palm on the ground in such a way that your body can remains straight even when it is crooked.
  • Then do the same thing for the other side as well.
  • Repeat this process three to four times. This asana, can help you control your blood sugar level and inturn help with the porblem of diabeties.

2. Shirshasana (Headstand)

The headstand has its own distinct significance. It is very effective for diabetic patients. In Shirshasan, "Sirsh" means "head". To perform this asana, a person has to stand on his head. That is why this asana is called a headstand. Doing this increases the flow of blood to your brain.

By practicing this asana regularly, our secretory glands also remain healthy. This asana can also heal our pituitary gland and provides relief to the patients with diabeties.

How to practice Shirshasana for Diabetes?

  • Place a yoga mat on the ground.
  • You can also fold the cloth over the mat if you want. Now bend your legs and sit on your knees.
  • Hold your fingers together. Then bring your palms together and now put them on the ground.
  • Now place your head on the mat such that the upper part of your head touches your palms.
  • Now move your knees towards the head, and slowly lift the knees up from the ground and upwards towards the sky.
  • When you start to gain balance in this state, slowly straighten your legs.
  • When your legs are straight, stay in this position for a while. Repeat this two to three times.

2. Mayurasana (Peacock Pose)

Mayurasan is derived from a Sanskrit word "Mayur" which means "peacock". When you perform this asana, your body looks like a peacock. By practicing this asana regularly, you can gain a number of benefits which incudes relief from diabetes.

How to Practice Mayurasan for Diabetes?

  • First of all, spread a yoga mat and sit on it in the state of Vajrasana.
  • Now spread your knees apart.
  • Bend your body forward, spread the fingers of your hands, and keep the palms of both hands on the ground and point the fingers towards your feet.
  • Keeping your arms together, bend your elbows and place them on both sides of your pelvic area.
  • Now spread both your legs slowly. Keeping your feet together, slowly move forward.
  • Now hold your body weight with your wrists.
  • With this support, lift your feet from the ground.
  • Now bring your head and torso forward and stay in this posture for as long as possible.
  • Repeat this posture at least thrice.

By practicing this asana you will be able to keep your blood sugar under check as well as ward off many other problems and diseases.

4. Paschimottanasana (Seated Forward Bend)

Pachchimottanasan tones your stomach. So it helps the patients of sugar. It also calms the mind. Along with diabetes, it also balances the irregularity of menstruation. It also helps with problems like BP and sleeplessness.

How to Practice Paschimottanasana for Diabetes?

  • First of all, spread the mat on the ground and sit on it in Dandasana.
  • Now press your hands slowly towards the ground and breathe in.
  • Now try to lengthen the spine as much as possible
  • Raise your hands and join them.
  • Then, while exhaling, push forward from the joints of the buttock along with your hands.
  • If possible, bend so that you can hold the toes with your hands.
  • It is not necessary that you can complete it the first time itself. Turn as much as you can.
  • If you are doing this correctly then the lower part of your stomach will touch your thighs.
  • Breathe in this position five times and release. Stay in this state for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

By practicing this asana you will be able to keep your blood sugar under check as well as ward off many other problems and diseases.


These are some of the yoga asanas for diabetes that you can practice for relief. Practicing these asanas has number of other benefits and will keeep you healthy if you practice them regularly.

Even if you are not suffering for any problems, you can still practice these asanas to improve the quality of your life.