Customer Experiences

Enlightening experience

It was such an amazing experience. I was expecting a lot from it and in end I got even more. They treat you like you're part of the family which is great. It was not only a learning experience but also a life changing one for me. The teachers and the administration are just awesome. Hands down the best philosophy class I have ever had. I really recommend and hopefully I'll have the chance to come back and further my training in this school.

Rene Nar

August 01, 2022

I have done my 200 hrs from 7chakras...

I have done my 200 hrs from 7chakras yoga school in the month of july 2022

It’s a wonderful experience with peaceful and positive vibes.This journey made me to be a better version of my self. All my love to teaching faculty and the management.

Special thanks to sanjeev ji , sandeep ji , ankit ji and gopal ji ❤️

Looking forward to come again for 300hrs

Vineela Tatineni

August 03, 2022

An amazing experience to cherish for lifetime

A school which has helped me to grow physically, mentally and spiritually. The journey made me to be a better version of myself. The vibes at this place are so positive.

Sanjeev Sir- I have started my conversation as a stranger however by the end of the course you made us feel like family member.

Mahesh Sir, Sachin Sir, Sonu Sir, Latha Mam-

All of them are special in their own ways. They are very dedicated, humble and supportive.

Gopal Ji, Ankit Ji- They are go to persons for everything you needed. They provide immense support and care for everyone in the school.

Sandeep Ji- He is there to listen to you all the time and I had beautiful memories at Mamma Mia Cafe.

Vimal Ji, Karan, Pankaj- They serve the food with so much of love and affection.

Simha and Blacky- Lovely pets❤️

Even though it’s been long time, I still remember them because of the positive impact they created. Each and every person I have met in this wonderful journey left a very positive note.

In love with Rishikesh❤️ An amazing experience to cherish for lifetime.

Jangam Jeevitha

July 26, 2022

The true Yoga Experience

I did my 200 hour teacher training here in June 2022... where do I start? I think was one of the best experiences of my life on some many levels, it felt kind of bittersweet going back home...all went so fast that seemed like a dream :(

Since the beginning, the management made me feel like a member of the family and always ensured I was settled and at ease throughout my stay. My yoga practice took a big shift and I never realised until now what practicing yoga really means! The teachers are so full of knowledge, so graceful and humble at the same time.

I was amazed by their patience and dedication towards their students, I could never miss a class as I didn't want to miss a single word of their teachings. Thanks to them I discovered new layers of myself, of my mind, body and soul... I understood what the real essence of a yoga teacher should be, who a "Guru" really is. And finally, I met the most amazing yogis on the same path as I was and we had such a good time together in class and outside. I feel of course it's not over and planning to come back for the 300 soon! LOVED ALL OF IT and miss you guys!


August 17, 2022

Grounding experience

A place that had completely changed my opinion on yoga. Everyone here inspired me to be a better version of me everyday. From the most fascinating teaching staff to the very kind and courteous management, it has been a spiritually grounding experience. Thank you so much for the most memorable and meaningful month of my life. All my best to you.

Nikhila Reddy

June 12, 2022

3-day yoga retreat, wish I could’ve stayed longer!

I did a three-day yoga retreat and it was an experience of a lifetime! I already miss the friends I made in such a short time! Ankit and Sandeep were so kind and welcoming, and I loved my teachers Pinky and Sonu! I learned so much even in such a short time. I will definitely be back and for a longer stay. This place feels like home and everyone is family. 💜

Caitlin Pike

June 02, 2022

Memorable journey ❤️💯⚡😍🦋

My time at this place was great because I learned more than just yoga. People here are from different cultures, so we can learn about other cultures and broaden our outlook. I have completed 200 hours of YTTC and hope to begin my 300 hours in July. Throughout my time here, I have loved the management, food, teachers, and the classes.

R. J. Aubern

May 30, 2022

Most beautiful people in a very lovely ashram

I did 100 hours in the school, and this has been one of the best experience I have ever had. They make you feel like part of a big family and the hardest is to leave them!

The food is amazing and always different, you have everything you need at any time. all the teachers and the management team are amazing people that you easily get to know and connect with.

I can’t wait to go back to them very soon.

Dave Haynes

May 29, 2022