Know, Which yoga style is best suited for you?

Best Yoga Style

Choose a best yoga style that suits you most. If you say Vinyasa and I give preference to Power Yoga. Then, what is that difference between them, made our choices of doing so.

Why it is difficult to choose a yoga style ever? What is Yoga? Description of yoga is well found in the text of Maharishi Patanjali and Krishna Bhagavad -Gita. In this article, I will help you to make a decision while choosing the right yoga style. Make a choice of choosing it easily.

Yoga stands for uniting yourself with the outer world, knowing the fact that, this outer world is not else but it is you ”. Yoga plays an important role in awareness and being comfortable with yourself. Yoga is a good balance between thoughts, action, and emotions.

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Additionally, Yoga is for physical, mental, and spiritual growth. It is a scientific truth that all this creation is an energy that is being produced in many different ways. And yoga provides that thing that helps you out to make a balance to the energy that exists inside you.

Many studies reveal every time the major health benefits of yoga. And, now some ancient philosophies and these studies have made yoga a soulmate of most of the persons to include it as a fitness regime.

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Let’s have some examples here that will help you to opt for the right yoga style according to your needs. Let us have a look below-

1- Yoga for beginners

Most of the time we get nervous while seeing people doing yoga asana before us. As they move their body, bend it, and touch their toes, making a 90-degree angle. We just thought one thing that yoga asana is not for us. But after knowing the following suggestion, you will change your thought once again.

  • First, make your mind that you are doing yoga.
  • Take the help of a yoga teacher or expert in the beginning.
  • Wear suitable or comfortable clothes.
  • Become a regular yogi.
  • Do warm-up as you like before going to a yoga mat.
  • Keep yourself calm and light.
  • Do not make hurry, steps out slowly.
  • Like you, every yoga posture is unique.
  • Finishing yoga asana, take a rest, so you freshened up once again.
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Let me tell you one thing that yoga asana is not only bending or stretching your body but it is a sense of uniting yourself. Using your body, breathe, and mind and it is easy and effortless.

I have mentioned three yoga asanas that a beginner can do.

• Extended child pose (Balasan)-

A child yoga pose is a very important posture that makes the body calm and relaxed. Which makes the body feel fresh again. It calms the muscles, which in particular helps reduce pain in the back, neck, and shoulders.

• Tree Pose (Tadasana)-

This pose is very easy for beginners. In fact, this pose is made for beginners. For any person who practices the Tree pose regularly and correctly, Tadasana Yoga posture works effectively to increase the length of the body and stretch the body from legs to arms. And this yoga style improves flexibility.

• Shavasana-

While doing this asana, the position of a person's body is similar to a dead body, every part of the body is released, so this posture is called "Shavasana". This is also an easy pose for beginners. This posture prevents tiredness. This asana communicates to bring new life and creates consciousness in your lifeless body.

2- Agewise classification of yoga

There are different styles of yoga for different age groups. These yoga asanas can be classified agewise. These asanas can be done differently by the child, elders, and aged people.

• Yoga for Child-

As much as yoga is important for every age group, it is equally necessary for children to practice regularly. There are some yoga asanas like Tadasana, Setu bandh pose, Vrikshasan, Dhanurasan, and Sukhasana. These asanas can be practiced for better growth and focus.

• Yoga for teenagers -

Hormonal changes create trouble for teenagers like mood swings, uncontrollable thoughts, anger, fear, frustration, and rage. These things can be get converted into stress if teenagers do not learn early how to control their thoughts and calm their mind. So for better well-being or longer life they need to start the right yoga asana at right time. Sun salutation and meditation are appropriate for teenagers to overcome stress.

• Yoga for 20s’-

In your 20’s, your life becomes to start very complex like you get stress related to your career, finding life partners, making a home, etc. You begin to take a lot of pressure. And slowly your life becomes surrounded by many health problems. You can take the help of asanas like Marjarasana, Setu bandhasana, Bandha Konasana, Vakrasana, Anulom Vilom, and Pranayama to strengthen your muscles and calm your mind.

• Yoga for 30’s-

This is the age where you start taking initial signs of health problems. In this stage, you need to do good care of yourself that you can stop your problem in the initial stage so it could not convert into a critical stage. You can overcome this condition by taking the help of asanas- Viparita Karni, Halasana. Matyasana, Sarvangasana, Kapalbahti, Bhastrika, and Surya Namaskar.

• Yoga for 40’s-

You get trouble like menopause and muscle pain in your 40’s. At this stage, you need to give space to yourself so you could spend time with yourself. Joint pain due to less calcium in bone is very common at this age. So keep extra care of yourself. You also see mood swings or fluctuation, can do Pranayama for this problem. And also, you can do some other asanas like Pawanmukatasan, Padmasan, Shishuasana, and Ashwini Mudra.

3- Yoga For Actress

Today, in this world every person is going through mental stress, and practicing yoga asana to get relief. Bollywood actress is also not lagging behind in this matter. Popular celebrities are practiced yoga asana to keep themself fit and healthy. I have a list of some actresses who included yoga in their daily routine for a sleek physique - Shilpa Shetty, Malika Arora, Bipasa Basu, Anushka Sharma, and Shardha Kapoor are among the top list. Hatha, Vinyasa, Power yoga, and Hot yoga are much popular among these celebrities. These celebrities are also practicing yoga during their pregnancy for normal delivery under the supervision of the yoga trainer.

4- Yoga for Sportsperson

It is important for a sportsperson to be fit only then he can play his game without any stress and reach the achievements. For the sportsperson, diet is necessary to stay fit, as well as exercise and yoga are also necessary for this.Yoga keeps the body fit and stress-free. Also helps to keep you physically and mentally healthy. It also protects you from diseases. Yoga removes all kinds of mental troubles and calms them down so that you can focus on your game. For this, it is also necessary to know what yoga you should do. There are many popular asanas among sportsperson to remain calm during playing sports. Some of them are Chakrasan, Adhomukha Shavasan, Bandh Konasana, Virbhadrasan, and Urdhav Mukh Shavasan.

5- Yoga For Business Person

Yoga is the right way for a practitioner to take care of their physical care. A modern businessperson has a lot of stress and there is always so much to do. To keep focus and calm while uncertainties business outcomes, people need some medium to remain peaceful. A businessperson can do some breathing techniques like pranayama, Kapalbhati, Anulom Vilom, and Bhramari pranayama.

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