The 10 Best Yoga Asanas For Kids

Yoga has become one of the most famous forms of exercise all across the world that everyone from a 100 year old person to a 3 year old kid is practicing yoga.

Though yoga has many benefits for people of all age groups, specifically yoga asanas for kids has some benefits that not only help your child to grow, get strong and fit but also useful to boost their emotional and mental state as well.

Simple Yoga Asanas for Kids

In order to help your kid with learning yoga, we are listing the 10 best yoga poses for kids that will keep them fit & healthy physically as well as mentally. These yoga poses for kids will also help your them to improve their mental presence.

Overall, yoga poses are a bundle of different exercises that can contribute to your kid’s performance including sports, concentration in learning, and skill development (the kid’s ability to understand concepts).

Basically, kids behavior is to follow their surrounding and nature. Let your kid to do things in his own way. Do not force him/her to practice any exercise. Make yoga asanas fun for your kids so he can enjoy it while practicing yoga. For example you can start with animal yoga poses for kids.

Although yoga does not demand any type of pre-skill for your child to perform any yoga asana. Your kids can do yoga asana very easily.

Here, in this blog, We will describe to you the 10 best yoga poses for kids that will help them to make a balance in their life. Let’s have a look at these easy and fun types of yoga asanas.

First Yoga Pose for Kids - The Boat Pose

To begin yoga asana for your kid, boat pose is very easy and great. Boat pose is a very good yoga pose for the strong core and tummy muscles.

Steps to Perform The Boat Pose

  • Sit down on the mat with your hands behind to balance.
  • Now keep your feet flat and knees bent.
  • Then lift off right foot and consecutively left foot.
  • Same lift off your right hand and further raise your left hand.

Second Yoga Pose For Kids - The Bow Pose

This yoga pose for kids helps to stretch chest, shoulders, arms, abdomen, and thighs. This yoga asana also helps your kid to strengthen the muscles and improve posture as well. Helps to function digestion properly.

Steps to Perform The Bow Pose

  • Lay down on your tummy with your shoulders wide apart.
  • Bend your knee, flex your feet, take a deep inhale, and look forward.
  • Then reach your arms back towards your toes and grab your ankle.
  • Come out of the bow pose on an exhale and take a rest for 20 sec to stabilize your spine.

Third Yoga Pose for Kids - The Bridge pose

The Bridge yoga pose helps to stretch the spine, chest, shoulders, and hips. It also strengthens the back and leg muscles. You can calm your mind with a bridge pose. It acts to awaken your body.

Steps to Perform The Bridge Pose

  • Sitting down on your bottom.
  • Take your hands behind your bottom, feet flat, and knees bent.
  • Lift your hips making a bridge shape.
  • You could interlock your hands, squeeze your shoulder blades. And roll up onto your shoulders. Hold for three to five breaths. You can imagine that you are in a posture of the ramp or boardwalk.

Fourth Yoga Pose for Kids - The Cat/Cow Pose

This fun animal yoga pose for kids the Cat or Cow pose helps to correct the posture by strengthning the back. Practicing these poses the arms and tummy will be stronger. The cat pose is the easiest pose for kids to try.

Steps to Perform Cat/Cow Pose

  • To practice the cat pose place your both hands and knees on the floor. Your rest should be positioned under your shoulders.
  • Breathe deeply through your nose. Let be air out through your mouth.
  • Bend your back and bring your chin to your chest. At the same time press down strongly your hands against the floor. Your arm should be stretched.
  • Pause the pose for 10 seconds.

Fifth Yoga Pose for Kids - The Chair Pose

The chair pose is a standig yoga pose for kids that increases the stamina, stability, strength, and balance of your kids. This yoga pose also gives your kid a strengthened spine and leg muscle. It stretches your chest and shoulder. It also stimulates and energizes your body.

Steps to Perform The Chair Pose

  • Stand tall as mountain pose.
  • Walk your feet close together so that your big toes are touching each other. But your heels are slightly apart.
  • Exhale while bending your knees. And sink down as you sitting on a chair.
  • Inhale, put your straightened arms up before you. Bringing your biceps towards your ears with arms facing each other but not touching.

Remember -

  • Your spine should be aligned straight (no arch in your back).
  • Your belly tucked in and your shoulders and chest are open. Take a few deep breaths.
  • You can pretend to be a kangaroo, chair, skier, thunderbolt, or horseback rider while doing this pose.

Sixth Yoga Pose for Kids - The Child Pose

Child pose is wonderful for kids to releasing anger. You will see the result of how effective the child pose is. This yoga asana is also known as the Balasan pose.

Steps to Perform The Child Pose

  • First sitting on Vajrasana, stretch your arms up, close to your ears.
  • Now forward and down so your forehead touches the ground.
  • Keep hands exactly where they are.
  • Now slowly move your hands near the shoulder to your feet.
  • If your kids have a problem touching the ground with their forehead then do, head up and bring your hand in front of your face. And make a fist of your hands (one top to the other). Now rest your forehead there.
  • Take five deep breathes.
  • Stay at this pose for 5-7 breaths.

Remember -

  • Your spine should be aligned straight (no arch in your back).
  • Your belly tucked in and your shoulders and chest are open. Take a few deep breaths.
  • You can pretend to be a kangaroo, chair, skier, thunderbolt, or horseback rider while doing this pose.

Seventh Yoga Pose for Kids - The Butterfly pose

Butterfly pose is another great animal yoga pose for kids, it helps them to stretch their thighs. Your kids will definately have fun doing this yoga asana.

Steps to Perform The Butterfly Pose

  • Come and sit on your buttocks. And join the soles of your feet together using your hands to snuggle a little bit more.
  • Now lift and lower your knees. Now see butterfly wings fluttering around.
  • After this, lift your right leg by holding it with your right hand. Then put it back down.
  • Repeat same with another side, lift your left leg by holding it with your left hand. Then put it back down.
  • At last, try to lift your both legs by holding with your hands.

Eight Yoga Pose for Kids - The Cobra Pose

Cobra pose will help to improve your kid's spine flexibility and strengthen their back. This yoga asana will also relax your neck muscles.

Steps to perform The Cobra Pose

  • Align your belly, face down.
  • Place your palms near the shoulder.
  • And breathing air or press your both hands against the floor.
  • Lift head and chest at the same time in breath out through your mouth and listen to hiss cobra sing sound.
  • Then go back to your previous position. Hold the pose for 10 sec.

Ninth Yoga Pose for Kids - Downward Facing Dog

Another animal yoga pose, the downward facing dog pose is good for strengthening the arms. It helps to stretch the leg and arms. This yoga asana also freshen up the mind.

Steps to Perform Downward Facing Dog

  • Come and down onto your hands and knees.
  • Spread your fingers wide and tuck your toes.
  • Press your hips off to the sky.

Tenth Yoga Pose for Kids - The Eagle pose

The Eagle pose is brilliant animmal yoga pose for better balancing and concentration. And this yoga asana also gives you a healthy boost of oxygen.

Steps to pefrom The Eagle Pose

  • Bring your feet together and bend your knees.
  • See, now you can lift up your one leg.
  • Cross this leg over the other. Use your toes to balance next to your foot.
  • Now take your arms wide.
  • Then seize your arms and wave your underneath arm.
  • Now twist your arms around each other.
  • Sitting down a little bit further like an eagle sitting next to you.
  • Repeat the same process on another side.

Benefits Practicing Yoga for Kids

1- Increase concentration

A lot of exercise and meditation in yoga uses the power of concentration and even helps improve it. obviously, when you practice meditation or concentration-based yoga exercise.

2- Improving flexibility

Yoga is a long process and the effects of exercises show after some amount of time. Although the traditional exercise methods have faster effects. They tend to stiffen a child’s body that results in less flexibility.

3- Releasing Stress

It’s not just the adults who have stress and anger. In today’s time, children tend to sometimes have even more stress and anger than their own parents.

4- Increasing Activeness

Yoga helps the child to attain calmness, peacefulness, and stretchability in their body. Due to this, they are able to stay active the entire day and learn and enjoy even more.

5- Getting Confident

Having self-confidence is one of the most important things in a person’s life. Confidence is what helps us to face challenges and grow in life thus making your child more confident is the most important thing.


Yoga has been internationally acclaimed as one of the best forms to release tension and find peace of mind anywhere at any time without any health hazards or harms. If the kids have a habit of doing yoga from an early age itself, they will able to cope with their life with ease as they grow up.

Thus, this blog will definitely help you to learn the basic 10 best yoga poses for kids. And also improve the overall health of your kids.

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